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Why Join AATA

Why do you need to join the American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA)?

  • Because compliance requirements vary from state-to-state and are changing constantly, making it incredibly challenging to identify and implement the rules that apply to you;
  • Because the AATA is the only entity that tracks and organizes state rules and regulations in every state across the nation;
  • Because it’s our mission to empower you through the vital information, resources, and industry connections you need;
  • Because we offer ongoing, relevant, timely education that keeps you in the know, with presenters that possess unparalleled expertise in this field;
  • Because you need to ensure that your facility is compliant with all requirements for licensure, certification, and accreditation;
  • Because it’s crucial for you to clearly define your rights and responsibilities within those requirements;
  • Because you need to maximize your time and therefore need to rely upon the most up-to-date information from experts specializing in and constantly monitoring the industry;
  • Because we deeply believe in what you do…and we’re motivated to help you succeed!


You’ve chosen a challenging, rewarding business…let AATA handle the regulatory complexity so you can get back to work!

We know that running an addiction treatment facility can be incredibly complex, time-intensive, and, quite often, unpredictable. Compliance requirements add a layer of complexity onto an already complicated endeavor, particularly while the industry is in an unprecedented state of flux. You might wonder how you can keep up with of all the changes, never mind understand how they affect you.

Our job is to give our members what they really need in this industry. We do what our members don’t have the time or the resources to do alone: the heavy lifting of staying on top of rules, regulations, and responsibilities in the ever-changing landscape of addiction treatment and sober living. We give you the tools you need to stay compliant…

Because you can’t stay open if you don’t stay compliant.

Staying compliant isn’t something you do once and are done with. In this industry, it’s something that must be repeatedly demonstrated as long as you keep your doors open.

Due in part to the recent backlash against industry growth, new obstacles are constantly emerging, from payer audits and investigations to new  NIMBY (“Not in my backyard!”) ordinances. Sober living houses, residential treatment facilities, and outpatient programs are under more scrutiny than ever. And regardless of how well-run and compliant a program currently is, there’s a high likelihood of encounters with federal, state and municipal government authorities, especially since rules and regulations are subject to change. Which means staying compliant is more challenging and of-the-moment than ever.

Your work To-Do list is likely a mile long, but the action item that’s the most important for your program’s immediate and long-term success is becoming a member of the AATA.


To learn more about the many member benefits you’ll receive when you join the American Addiction Treatment Association, click here: Membership Benefits

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The American Addiction Treatment Association (AATA) delivers reliable information and resources on compliance and best practices to enable recovery industry professionals, owners, and operators to navigate the evolving clinical and regulatory landscapes.

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